About us

We’re a laid back group of people working hard on a tough problem. Bookkeeping is a universal pain point for entrepreneurs, and we’re changing that.

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We utilize top accounting technologies, web-based systems, and cloud computing, so you can have accurate and secure financials.


Every client is assigned an Account Manager who checks the work of the bookkeeper and reviews your engagement, giving you the best support.


No more guessing about when you'll see your financial statements or whether your bookkeeper remembered to run payroll.

Born in NYC

Bookkeepers.nyc draws from a plethora of knowledge and experience obtained over 16 years of providing Bookkeeping, Accounting Technology Integration, and CFO Reporting and Analytics to the Heroic Entrepreneurs of New York City. As the saying goes, “If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.” Our focus is to provide you with financial clarity to help you make it here and anywhere.

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